To create an environment that encourages a positive team atmosphere with a strong commitment to excellence.  The cross country program will promote and encourage a lifestyle committed to success as a student and athlete.  The program will strive to communicate that pride, dedication, commitment and patience will lead to success not only as a student-athlete, but as a person throughout their lives.



    The expectation for each athlete is to make a strong commitment to excellence.  This commitment requires each athlete to attend all practices and meets for the duration or their season.  This will require dedication in the classroom and in the student-athletes daily lives.  Unexcused absences from practice or meets will not be acceptable or tolerated.  Successful distance running requires a strong commitment in which daily attendance is mandatory.  

A total of 5 absences will be allowed for the duration of the season.  There is no differentiation between excused and unexcused absences.  Any absence after the 5th will result in the student-athletes dismissal from the team.  Consideration will be given to any prolonged illness or family emergency.  In cases involving other extra-curricular activity, the absence policy will apply regarding any missed practice.  In some cases the student may find it necessary to choose which extra-curricular activity they wish to participate.  

The student-athletes will find it necessary to be disciplined in all facets of their life if they wish to successfully complete the cross country season.  Those that make this choice will find cross country to be an extremely rewarding experience.




     The goal of the cross country program is to provide a fun, safe, positive and goal oriented environment for the student-athlete.  The program will commit to achieving and sustaining a competitive team seeking both individual and team success.

     Any student-athlete, regardless of ability, willing to contribute to this philosophy is a welcome member of the cross country team.